Bristol - engine models

The Type 400 2 litre saloon was soon joined by the 401, from which in turn was derived the 402 Drophead Coupé and the 403 saloon.

Of these, the 400 was a 4 seat saloon, while the 401 and 403 were 5-seaters.

an image of the bristol car with the bristol engine

In 1953, the smaller short chassis 2+2 seat Type 404 broke fresh ground with a body from which all trace of BMW origins had disappeared. A hybrid was also constructed on this chassis: the Type 404/X or Arnolt Bristol, commissioned by S.H.”Wacky” Arnolt in 1953.

In 1955, the Type 405 saloon and 405 Drophead appeared. The 405 saloon was the only Bristol-bodied 4-door car. The 405 Drophead was a two-door convertible with a body fitted by E.D.Abbott of Farnham.

The final model with a Filton-designed and built engine was the Type 406 with the original 2 litre engine design stretched to 2.2 litres. Production included 6 special-bodied saloons and one coupé; these were fitted with bodies by Zagato, the Italian Coachbuilder.

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